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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Boris and Brandi are broadcasting LIVE from Mahoney’s in Poughkeepsie all morning long for St. Patrick’s Day! Stop by for some Irish breakfast and your chance to win tickets to see Sick Puppies at The Chance tonight!

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Snow revenge!

Here’s video of the story Brandi was talking about this morning. A neighbor took revenge on the person who stole his shovel by completely covering their car in snow.

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Brandi is reunited with her Mini Cooper

Yesterday Brandi and her Mini Cooper were reunited… I am so happy I almost cried. Not because she got the car back, but because we don’t have to hear her nonstop yapping about it anymore. It was a magical … Continue reading

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Boris kicks ass at Wrestlefest 15

If you missed it on Saturday night, here’s video of Boris stepping in and giving manager Kurt Adonis the Cobra Clutch! Kurt deserved it after disrespecting the crowd. Before the match, Kurt said that he remembered how ugly everyone in … Continue reading

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Update: Homeless radio guy is now famous

Earlier in the week we told you about Ted Williams, the guy with the golden radio voice that was living on the streets in Columbus, OH. His story has gone viral and he’s EVERYWHERE. We told you how he was … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Brewery’s Garrett Oliver calls in

Here’s audio from this morning’s interview with Brewmaster Garrett Oliver from Brooklyn Brewery. This is for my beer-geek friends out there… enjoy.

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I hate (love) our listeners!

Last year I ranted about how much I hate it when people send me “glitter bomb” Christmas cards. You know, those cards that explode with glitter all over your house when you take them out of the envelope? Well, Jenn … Continue reading

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