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Chicks with Steve Busceme’s Eyes

A few people sent me the link to this Tumblr containing photos of women with their eyes replaced by Steve Busceme’s. Not sure why… but click on Taylor Swiftbusceme for the link.

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Pole Dancing for Jesus

Yep… she’s serious. Put on your best clear heels and praise the lord!

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Worried about radiation?

Before you run out and get those iodine pills, click the chart below and relax. Oh, and stop eating bananas.

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Priest handcuffed in cell propositions officers

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The Japanese are still the freakiest

No matter what sort of strange fettish you can dream up, the Japanese will top it every time… I present yolk kissing:

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Reporter poops her pants

She picked a terrible day to wear white. **NSFW – even though it’s in French, somehow she still curses in English**

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A driver’s worst nightmare

This traffic circle is a series of 5 circles interconnected inside two larger circles that rotate in opposite directions. Oh, and did I mention this is in England, where you have to drive on the opposite side of the road?

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