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Please send Jen a message of support

As you know; my very dear friend and former co-host, Jen, has been fighting cancer for a long time. Recently, the fight has gotten even tougher. Many of you continue to ask about Jen at station events, and she is … Continue reading

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They’re making a movie about Winnebago Man!

If you remember a few years ago, I was completely obsessed with Winnebago Man. He’s the completely miserable guy who filmed an infomercial about campers. During the filming, this guy became more and more irritated. His anger was way over … Continue reading

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Lost: Thanks, Mom!

So Faraday is the son of Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore (I called that in February). That means that he and Penny are at least half siblings. Remember, Ben banished Charles from the island because he was carrying on a … Continue reading

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Jesus on Florida license plates

I guess that Jesus fish you put on your bumper isn’t enough to let people know that you’re holier than they are. Now the state senate in Florida is considering issuing license plates with Jesus on them. Really? Florida? The … Continue reading

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Slap Chop Rap

I must have played this 7 times this morning.One funky beat + a hooker-beating pitchman + autotuning + Breakin 2 Electric Bugaloo = the best 3 minutes and 16 seconds of my week.

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Human popcorn maker

Don’t try this at home. It would be sooo awesome, but really… don’t. videos

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The most amazing beatboxer in the world

You can now add beatboxing to the list of things Japanese people are better than us at. The Fat Boys never had a chance.

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