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Brewery Ommegang on WRRV

Boris speaks with Ommegang brewer, Wesley Nick, as he discusses Belgian beers and their newest beer, BPA; this week’s WRRV Beer Of The Week

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Charlie Sheen bizzare interview

Here is the audio we played this morning from Charlie Sheen’s rambling interview that forced the cancellation of Two and a Half Men.

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First look at "The Hangover 2"

I cannot wait…

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Fatty-Fat Friday!

OK, I think I’ve found something that might actually be more amazing than Richard Blais’ deep-fried mayonaise from this week’s Top Chef. Three beautiful words all strung together: Deep… Fried… Nutella.

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Jeopardy! Fail

OK, new rule. From now on when someone doesn’t know a Jeopardy! answer they have to just say “What is Pussy Furry?”

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Woman destroys an auto shop over bill

This woman was upset that she was charged $200 for towing… so she destroys the auto shop causing over $10,000 in damages while her small child looks on. Did I mention how much I love people?

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The Japanese are still the freakiest

No matter what sort of strange fettish you can dream up, the Japanese will top it every time… I present yolk kissing:

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