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Family Guy takes on Empire Strikes Back

Family Guy will be releasing the sequel to their Star Wars Episode, “Blue Harvest” just in time for Christmas. The take-off of Empire Strikes Back is called “Something Something Something Darkside“. Here’s the trailer:

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New photo of Tiger Woods’ accident

Ooooh… he sliced it into the trees!

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Psycho girlfriend destroys dude’s Xbox

Here’s a warning: Playing Call Of Duty all day and having a girlfriend doesn’t mix. I wonder if this is what happened to Tiger Woods?

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Let’s check in with Susan Boyle

I wonder how she’s doing these days… uh oh! Just moments after finishing a note-perfect performance on live American television, Susan Boyle was seen on television breaking down in tears. The 48-year-old had been enjoying lunch with fans at the … Continue reading

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Fatty-Fat Friday!

Happy Black Friday!Come out and see our show LIVE at Best Buy in Poughkeepsie from 6-10am

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Boris and Brandi wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! See you Black Friday at Best Buy in the Poughkeepsie Galleria for the Music All Morning live broadcast.

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Demi Moore Photoshop-gate continues

Remember last week when I pointed out the horrific Photoshop job that was done to Demi Moore’s photo on the cover of W Magazine? If you look not-even-so-closely, you can clearly see that an entire chunk of her hip has … Continue reading

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The new Seinfeld finale

If you missed Curb Your Enthusiasm on Sunday (or don’t get HBO), you missed out on the Seinfeld “reunion”. Here’s the last 7 minutes of the show, where we get to see the Seinfeld episode Larry was working on all … Continue reading

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Paula Dean hit in the face with a giant ham

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all! hate posting videos with commercials, but seeing Paula get smacked in the kisser with a ham is worth it, I guess.)

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I have to start watching Fox Business

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