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It’s official: drinking makes you live longer!

A study was released yesterday that proves (once again) drinking is good for you. The shocking part of the study is that people who don’t drink at all have the shortest life span… even heavy drinkers live longer than those … Continue reading

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Chineese man has world’s largest man-boobs!

Doctors are baffled by this Chinese dairy farmer who has the biggest man-boobs ever recorded. Check out the full article at The Sun.

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Kid with 31 fingers and toes!

That’s a lot of little piggies! It’s gonna take more than wee wee wee to get all the way home… look at those feet! A Chinese boy with 31 fingers and toes is set to undergo an operation to remove … Continue reading

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Woman in China grows horns!

This 101-year-old woman is causing a stir in China, because she has begun to sprout horns on her head! A horn started growing on her head a year ago and just continued to get bigger and bigger. Now it looks … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert’s new computer voice

We talked about this on the air yesterday… Roger Ebert lost his jaw to cancer, so he’s been using a computer to speak to people much like Stephen Hawking. However, computer programmers were able to lift Ebert’s actual voice off … Continue reading

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Controversial NYC Health ad

People are all up in arms over this commercial put out by the department of health in NYC. It demonstrates how drinking sugary soda is just as bad a having a glass full of fat…

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Custom sized condoms

Did you know that the FDA doesn’t allow very large or very small condoms? Magnum XLs are only sightly bigger than normal. In Europe, however, they are soon going to get them in 70 different sizes. Believe it or not, … Continue reading

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