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Jeopardy! Fail

OK, new rule. From now on when someone doesn’t know a Jeopardy! answer they have to just say “What is Pussy Furry?”

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Unfortunate yearbook cropping

Lesson learned: Don’t wear an American Eagle shirt on picture day. Either go full-douche and plop down the extra money for the actual A&F shirt or embrace your thriftiness and wear Old Navy.

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Verizon iPhone launch FAIL

Uh… everyone already bought one online. But thanks for the enthusiasm.

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Roof collapses under heavy snow

This happened up in Massachusettes this week. Have you looked at your roof lately?

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Streaking fail

This guy attempted to streak across a tennis court. It didn’t work.

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Hugh Jackman hurts himself on Oprah

Here’s video of that stunt we were talking about yesterday. Huge-Jack-Man decided to take a zipline onto Oprah’s set but wound up crashing into a light and cutting his beautiful face. Side note: I kind of love the fact that … Continue reading

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Reason 38 why I don’t do cruises

Here’s video of the latest high-seas disaster. From “Russia Today”: “A US-operated Antarctic cruise ship with 160 people aboard has lost an engine in high seas, but is limping safely to its scheduled port. The Argentine Navy said the Clelia … Continue reading

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Guy almost dies on German game show.

This clip is all over the place today… a guy attempts to jump over a car using special “Kangaroo Shoes” but suffers a near-fatal face plant. Justin Bieber was supposed to perform on this very show, but his appearance was … Continue reading

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Flurries on Sunday? Be prepared!

The forecast is calling for possible flurries on Sunday. Time to get into the snow mindframe… Here’s a good question to ponder: When you see everyone falling on a slippery patch of ice on the sidewalk do you go downstairs … Continue reading

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Guy almost dies because of BTO

This worker is minding his own business, rocking out to Bachman Turner Overdrive’s rehearsal when the gods of rock and roll take notice of his terrible taste in music and strike him down for being a douche. If you don’t … Continue reading

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