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Lady Gaga falls off of her piano


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The male version of Brandi

For those of you who listen to the show… this isn’t that bad. Bahbahleydah!!!

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Man interrupts Today Show

Some lunatic jumped over the barrier and started yelling gibberish live during the Today Show. You can hear Meredith Viera yelling “Jesus!” as they cut the audio. Luckily, everyone was fine… but this could have ended very differently.

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Kid in choir doesn’t feel very good…

You can probably guess what happens next… This one needs to be watched several times so you can focus on each kid’s individual reaction. It gets more awesome with every view.

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LA reporter pulls a "Brandi" on the air

LA field reporter, Serene Branson, had some sort of verbal meltdown while reporting from the Grammy Awards on Sunday night. When the anchor threw to her, she couldn’t form any words and started talking gibberish, much like Brandi’s famous “BAHBAHLEYDAH!”. … Continue reading

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Understandable mistake

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Jimmy Buffett falls off the stage

Jimmy Buffett took a pretty good spill onto a concrete floor… apparently he tripped on his flip-flop, stepped on a pop top… and then cracked his head open.

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