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Fatty-Fat Friday – Part 2

Holy crap! Someone found my old WRRV ID badge from 7 years ago when I weighed 50lbs heavier than I do now. Nope, that’s not photoshop my friends… I was a bona fide fatty-fat!

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Fatty-Fat Friday!

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Is this proof that Lady Gaga is a man?

There is video circulating around from a Lady Gaga concert that shows a mysterious bulge when her dress mistakenly flies up. This adds fuel to the rumors that continue to swirl that Gaga is a man. There are two camps … Continue reading

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Deeply disturbing video. Bet you can’t watch the whole thing!

This video of singing babies is creepy enough. But then, half way through, it takes a freaky turn that I will need the whole weekend to recover from.

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Tiffany Amber Theissen blows off Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon’s big stunt has been trying to pull together a Saved By The Bell reunion. All of the kids from Bayside said they were in, except Kelly Kapowski. In this video, Tiffany Amber Thiessen explains that she’s too busy … Continue reading

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Sex doll for dogs

It’s safe to wear linen pants again! Just be careful when you give Fido this rubber doll; you may never see him again. Here’s the full article and a photo of the doll from the rear. And I thought cleaning … Continue reading

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Wrong answer, racist child!

This is why TV game shows have that disclaimer that says “portions of the broadcast not affecting the outcome of the game may have been edited out”.

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