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The bird feeder war continues

You’ve probably heard me talking about the ongoing war I’m having with nature in my backyard. What started out as a simple bird feeder has now turned into an archetectural and engineering project that rivals that of the Brooklyn Bridge. … Continue reading

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Mariah Carey dressed as Eminem

Yep… it’s really Mariah. She dressed like Eminem for an upcoming video for some song called Obsession.

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Catch fish like a real man!

This dude jumps OUT OF A HELICOPTER and catches a MARLIN with his BARE HANDS. As if the caps lock key didn’t tip you off… I think this is FREAKIN’ CRAZY!

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Rest In Peace, Billy Mays… But wait, there’s more!

Everyone’s favorite TV Pitchman , Billy Mays, passed away this weekend. The Huffington Post put together some of his greatest TV moments. Plus, you can go to Billy’s official page to see all of his classic infomercials.

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High tech ad changes when you look at it

This interactive posterwas erected at a bus stop in Germany. An eye tracking camera was installed in the board, so that when you looked directly at the domestic violence, after a delay, the scene morphed into spousal harmony. “It happens … Continue reading

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Video of the 16-year-old toddler

Last week I told you about the 16-year-old who hasn’t aged since she was a toddler. They did a feature on her during this weekend’s 20/20. I’m fascinated by this… take a look:

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Disgusting Michael Jackson jokes flood my inbox

I can’t tell you how disgusted I am by the horrific jokes that listeners are sending me about Michael Jackson. It think it’s just way too soon. Here are some examples of our listeners’ sick sense of humor: “They say … Continue reading

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