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Footage of Knute the Bear’s death

You’ve probably heard about the Polar Bear in Germany that died. Knute was abandoned by his parents and raised by zoo keepers. The bear was beloved by Germans and suddenly died over the weekend. Here’s footage of Knute’s death taken … Continue reading

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Rat on a train

If this was a Disney film, everyone would love Louie the subway rat. In real life, he crawls on homeless men and freaks everyone out.

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Parrot sings Drowning Pool

Coolest… Parrot… Ever…

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Man drives horse to Drive-Thru

Yeah, it’s wacky that a man is riding his horse through a McDonald’s drive-thru. But isn’t it even more strange that a couple of drunk Brits are apparently hanging out in a McDonald’s parking lot? I wish I could give … Continue reading

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Two-legged pig (Insert your own Kirstie Alley joke here)

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Epic puppy pee lasts forever

Looks like he’s charting the price of Cumulus stock over the past decade…

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What the hell is this thing?

These guys found some strange sea creature in Japan and what do they do? Poke it with a stick, of course. Probably wasn’t a good idea (you have to see what happens at the end).

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