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Let the trash talking begin

The Sox took the series this weekend… it’s going to be a long season. Advertisements

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Awesome wrestling moment

This is the 2nd most amazing thing to happen in professional wrestling this year. I don’t think it says anything in the rule book about using hypnosis to force other wrestlers to dance and take their clothes off…

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Marist last minute 3-pointer!

Did you see this awesome game winning 3-point shot at the end of the Marist game? The only thing that really sucks that it was the OPPOSING team, costing Marist the game… Thanks to Michael on Facebook for the … Continue reading

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MMA Fail!

This match is over before it even begins:

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Lou Holtz makes an intern cry

Lou Holtz was doing an interview when he was the Gamecocks head coach. Apparently, he wasn’t happy that his intern brought him over for the interview. Dude, she’s an INTERN… It’s bad enough you’re making her hold your microphone pack, … Continue reading

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Todays moment of courage…

…or unathleticism:

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Time Lapse video of the NYC Marathon

Thousands of nipples bleeding in slow motion:

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