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Listener Submission: Thong hair-tie in action

Hi Boris,Just wanted you to see what my wife did this weekend for me. We saw the post you wrote about the thong hair tie, and thought it was a pisser! So my wife got her Victoria’s Secrets thongs out, … Continue reading

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Listener Submission: This is a real thing

WRRV listener, Crystal, sent me this Craig’s List posting from Poughkeepsie. I was a bit confused by the title… I did some research and the Sofa Cum Bed is appartently it’s a real thing. Although, I would certainly shine a … Continue reading

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Killer Turkeys in NJ

The best part of this video is just imagining what happens when the Turkeys chase their victims off screen:

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There goes crazy Mel Gibson again…

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F-Bomb dropped on SNL

Since I was out of town this weekend, I sat down to watch SNL on my DVR last night and I caught this unfortunate blooper. Newcomer, Jenny Slate, was doing a skit about a biker chick that says “Freakin” all … Continue reading

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Conan’s Head Injury

If you missed The Tonight Show on Monday, Conan explains what happened to his head:

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Shoot paintballs at the WRRV DJs!

Tune in all this week for your chance to battle the WRRV DJs in a friendly paintball competition! Each morning at 9:20am our Listener Of The Day and a friend will join the listener team to play against Boris, Brandi, … Continue reading

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Fatty-Fat Friday!

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Satanic messages in the Fraiser theme song

I can honestly say that I never thought to play the theme song to Fraiser backwards… but I’m glad somebody did!

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Science: All Pandas Should Die!

I saw this story this morning and couldn’t wait to share it with Brandi. Every day Brandi checks out the damn “Panda Cam” at the San Diego Zoo while making annoying cutsey sounds every time a panda bear eats or … Continue reading

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