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Marist last minute 3-pointer!

Did you see this awesome game winning 3-point shot at the end of the Marist game? The only thing that really sucks that it was the OPPOSING team, costing Marist the game… Thanks to Michael on Facebook for the … Continue reading

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Missed connection: Newburgh

WRRV Listener, Kathleen, was checking out the Missed Connections section of Craig’s List and found this gem:

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Marathon runner gets lost

This one comes from Amy, a listener who enjoys the website.

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I hate (love) our listeners!

Last year I ranted about how much I hate it when people send me “glitter bomb” Christmas cards. You know, those cards that explode with glitter all over your house when you take them out of the envelope? Well, Jenn … Continue reading

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Listener Submission: The Cup Size Choir

Thanks to listener, Rocco, for sending this one in. It’s a virtual keyboard that you can play on your computer… The cool part? Each key is a different lovely lady dressed in lingere singing each note.

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From the WRRV mail bag

So… anyone want it?

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Listener submission: Inappropriate pop-up book

From Nicole in Stormville: Hey Boris!You better watch out what reading material you buy for your kid. I’d stay away from this pop-up book about elephants, I think something strange is going on here!

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