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EPIC Beastie Boys video

This is the trailer to Fight For Your Right Revisited. Just try and count the cameo appearances… Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, Jack Black, Seth Rogan, Elija Wood, Susan Saranden, Stanley Tucci, Cloe Sevigne, Rainn Wilson, Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson, Steve … Continue reading

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Acapella Heaven

I dare you to listen all the way through.

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Awkward interview with J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr.

I don’t think Barbra Walters herself could have done a better job interviewing a very burnt out J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr.

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The Phil Collins Day Parade

If you’re a regular listener of the show, you know that I hate Phil Collins. If I even see his face my body clenches up and I feel physically ill… don’t even get me started on what happens when I’m … Continue reading

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Weezer covers the State Farm jingle

From Brandi’s Music News:If Vampire Weekend and The Black Keys can sell out… why not Weezer!

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Lady Gaga shows up for Grammys in an egg

“What are you wearing?” “Eggland’s Best” Lady Gaga showed up for the Grammy awards in a giant egg being carried by a bunch of scantily clad men. She hatched during her performance on stage… yawn. Tune in this morning for … Continue reading

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Parrot sings Drowning Pool

Coolest… Parrot… Ever…

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Kids Christmas concert I would actually watch

This is the time of year when parents are dragged out of their comfy houses to watch their untalented little kids sing off-key versions of annoying holiday songs. If only more schools were as cool as this one! Somehow the … Continue reading

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Auto Tune isn’t new… suck it, T-Pain

This old film shows the miracle of electronic singing. The Sonovox was created way back in 1940…

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Guy almost dies because of BTO

This worker is minding his own business, rocking out to Bachman Turner Overdrive’s rehearsal when the gods of rock and roll take notice of his terrible taste in music and strike him down for being a douche. If you don’t … Continue reading

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