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J Crew ad controversy

People are up in arms over this J Crew ad: It depicts a mother painting her son’s toenails pink. This obviously means that she’s trying to turn him, and anyone else who’s looking at this ad, gay, right? Or could … Continue reading

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Czech Republic president steals a pen

Smoothly done, sir.

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Gilbert Gottfried was fired for these tweets

Gilbert Gottfried lost his job as the AFLAC duck yesterday because of the jokes he made about the Japanese Tsunami on Twitter. Were the jokes really that insensitive? Yeah, they were. But you can decide for yourself if they were … Continue reading

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Priest handcuffed in cell propositions officers

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Charlie Sheen on Peanuts

This clip is courtesy of the Jimmy Kimmel show… Charlie Sheen as Charlie Brown:

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Charlie Sheen "Winning" montage

The best Charlie Sheen quotes in one epic mash-up:

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Charlie Sheen bizzare interview

Here is the audio we played this morning from Charlie Sheen’s rambling interview that forced the cancellation of Two and a Half Men.

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