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WRRV Winter Beach Party

I had an awesome time at the WRRV Winter Beach Party last night. The WRRV listeners are known for always coming to our events ready to party, and once again, they did not disappoint! Congratulations to Susan Scott on winning … Continue reading

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Fatty-Fat Friday!

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The blogofboris almost had no posts this morning because I was fooling around on this website. It’s a pretty addictive piano application. The bouncing blocks produce piano notes, and you can sequence them to make songs. It’s completely in German, … Continue reading

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Supernanny child abuse

The Davis family is now under investigation for child abuse after appearing on Supernanny. Here’s a tip: don’t smack your kid around in front of the camera. This guy needs to be locked up.

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Let’s slide down to the board meeting!

An office building in the UK has installed a slide to help workers get from the 3rd floor to the lobby. I’m not sure if this is a way to help demonstrate the falling economy or an elaborate scheme to … Continue reading

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Unfortunate bushes

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Star Trek remixes

Someone has remixed episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation to some pretty hilarious results. This is just a sample below, the whole series is here.

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Hudson Valley Heroes

It’s really great to know that we have such amazing people protecting us here in the Hudson Valley. Firefithters Vincent Andre and Tim Welch from Middletown rescued a 6-year-old boy from a home that was fully engulfed with flames yesterday. … Continue reading

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Fat cat in a little door

I just installed a cat door to the basement so our bulimic cat can go back and forth to the litter box without us having to keep the door open. I opted for the larger sized cat door for this … Continue reading

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Lost: Bentham, Project Runway, Unlucky Penny

So, I’m not the biggest Locke fan. I know he’s pivotal to the show and his story is so interesting because he’s the chosen one, blah blah blah… But I’m not talking about bad-ass, deep thinking, boar killing, island Lock… … Continue reading

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