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Enjoy your 2009 glasses… it’s the end of an era!

Thinking about New Year’s Eve, I couldn’t help but wonder what will happen to those stupid 200_ glasses that everyone has been wearing for the past 10 years. 2009 marks the last year that has 00 right in the middle … Continue reading

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Enter Sandman: Kazoo Style

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Hear the one about the shoplifting dog?

Embedded video from CNN Video

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Happy Holidays!

Thanks for tuning in to WRRV this year, Enjoy your holiday and have a happy new year!

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It’s official – "Star Wars: The Musical" is coming!

George Lucas is a turd. It’s frustrating how someone with so much creative talent can make such horrible decisions… and be such a douche about it. I could count all of the ways he’s destroyed the Star Wars franchise (Messing … Continue reading

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Xmas gift from David Hasselhoff

There’s probably someone on your Christmas list that you forgot to get a present for. Well, don’t worry! Just download the I Heart The Hoff Super Fantastic Activity Book and print it out, whomever receives it will think you’re the … Continue reading

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Drunk CNN weather guy?

Rob Marciano is the weather guy on CNN. I guess people like him. There’s even a site devoted to what he’s wearing each day. Apparently, Rob likes to drink and hang out with girls. OK… I don’t see a scandal … Continue reading

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How to tell if she’s a hooker or a cop Hooker or Cop

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Thundercats The Movie

This is a fake trailer to a fake move that took someone a year and a half to make. You have to really love the Thundercats (and have a pretty sad social life) to do something like this. That being … Continue reading

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Sorry, there’s no description that will do justice to this video

I’m afraid that this is what would happen to my aunt if she didn’t have Fox News to watch all day long.

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