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Fatty-Fat Friday!

For those of you stuck indoors because of the massive storm we’re experiencing, you’ve suffered enough. It would be cruel of me to torture you with a fatty-fat this week. Instead, please enjoy this video that will make the snow … Continue reading

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This week’s Olympic hottie

For those of you who haven’t caught curling fever like I have, perhaps this will change your mind. Meet Denmark’s star player, Madeleine Dupont:

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I never noticed this…

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Look what we found in the classifieds

It seems that Tim is another fan of the pickle:

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5 year old saves her father’s life

Check out this 911 call made by 5 year-old Savannah. Her father was having symptoms of a heart attack, so she called 911 and kept her father calm until the EMS arrived. I don’t know any 5 year-olds that are … Continue reading

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Lost: Claire wants to axe you something…

This week’s update comes a little late because of another busy snow closing morning… here’s a cut and paste of some of what I caught last night: Jack’s appendix scar: We know in the island universe it was Juliette who … Continue reading

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Hillary Duff totally accepts proposal

These photos look staged to me… I mean, how lucky would it be for the paparazzi to catch Hillary Duff being proposed to? Although I must say, the photos do seem to follow the usual progression: Girl is proposed to: … Continue reading

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How to kill time during a 10 hour layover

Stuck at the airport all night between flights? What fun!

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Oprah builds her set out of chocloate

Let’s see… how do I not draw too much attention to the fact that I’m super rich while most of my viewers are struggling to keep their jobs? And at the same time, I don’t want to give anyone an … Continue reading

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Snow Day!

Lots of snow closings today… stay tuned for the latest.

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