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Merry Christmas!

Brandi and I return on January 3rd. Thanks for a great year, we both hope you have an awesome holiday!

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Brooklyn Brewery’s Garrett Oliver calls in

Here’s audio from this morning’s interview with Brewmaster Garrett Oliver from Brooklyn Brewery. This is for my beer-geek friends out there… enjoy.

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Antoine Dodson "Chimney Intruder"

Hey, no one love Antoine more than I do… but I think the novelty expires in 2011. Enjoy your last few days of fame, dude.

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Rex Ryan foot fetish video

Everyone is going nuts over this foot fetish video allegedly made by Jets head coach Rex Ryan and his wife. I say GOOD FOR THEM! They’ve been married for 23 years… if her stinky feet still turns the old coach … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

I didn’t realize that the Holocaust was a contest… but contratulations to Elie Wiesel! I’ve got to read Night again. I missed the part where he won the million dollars.

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Is this Demi Lovato doing coke?

Some are claiming that this is Demi Lovato doing a huuuuuuuge line of coke. This may explain her behavior in those leaked photos from last week. ***UPDATE – the video was taken down by the host. Sorry.

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Witness the creation of an a-hole

I’m not even a parent yet, but I already know that laughing at this kid’s ungratefulness has set him on course to douchebagville. Good job, parents!

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Alf outtakes are dirty and racist

These outtakes never made it to the Alf DVD collection… If you enjoy hearing a puppet say dirty words and pretend to have Turrets so he can say the N-word you’ll love this. If you’re like me, a little part … Continue reading

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Base jumper temporarily avoids police

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Zach Morris eating a gingerbread penis

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