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Boris’ more successful brother on TV

Boris may be the Hudson Valley Radio Legend… but his brother holds the title of Orlando Hotel Legend. Here’s a link to the show Boris was talking about where his brother is interviewed about the hotel industry. **Do yourself a … Continue reading

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Mr. Doodles takes on Simon!

This week’s Football Challenge is on! Click on the banner and guess who will pick more winning teams this Sunday: Mr. Doodles or Simon! The more weeks you’re correct, the more times you’re qualified to win an X-Box 360 or … Continue reading

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Mouse found in loaf of bread

One of our listeners, Rocco, sent me this image this morning: Apparently, a man in England opened a loaf of bread to find a dead mouse embedded in the crust. The worst part? He and his kids ate sandwiches made … Continue reading

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Hey, how was your flight?

**NSFW – One strong word**

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Host announces wrong winner on live TV

The Austrailian version of Top Model was a total fail this week. During the live telecast the wrong winner was fed to the host over her earpiece. The mistake was only revealed AFTER the “winner” made her acceptance speech. Was … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin booed at Dancing With The Stars?

Bristol Palin’s famous mother visited Dancing With The Stars last night to watch her daughter perform (and get some free publicity). As Sarah Palin was brought out from backstage to sit in the audience for her interview she was apparently … Continue reading

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Epic puppy pee lasts forever

Looks like he’s charting the price of Cumulus stock over the past decade…

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Bret Michaels Naked

Sorry. This is for Brandi.

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Karl Pilkington: An Idiot Abroad

This is for fans of the Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant podcast series. The lovable idiot, Karl Pilkington, now has his own show in the UK called An Idiot Abroad. Here’s a highlight reel (fingers crossed that HBO picks this … Continue reading

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Katy Perry’s Elmo Shirt

The best 2 seconds from this week’s Saturday Night Live:

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