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Didn’t finish your work? Send a "corrupted" file!

Do you have a last minute paper due and are too hung over to finish it? Is the boss hounding you to hand in a report that you completely forgot about? A new website has a way for you to … Continue reading

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Gimme Back That Filet-O-Fish Ringtone

I’m glad I’m not the only one obsessed with that Filet-O-Fish song. All day long, I’m singing “Give me back that Filet O Fish, Gimme that fish“. This dude is my hero: He created a ringtone of the song that … Continue reading

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Xmas gift from David Hasselhoff

There’s probably someone on your Christmas list that you forgot to get a present for. Well, don’t worry! Just download the I Heart The Hoff Super Fantastic Activity Book and print it out, whomever receives it will think you’re the … Continue reading

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