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Japanese children battle a zombie

These kids are convinced that a real zombie is coming to kill them. Sure, they’ll have emotional scars for the rest of their lives… but it does make for some funny TV! Advertisements

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The old wooden spoon prank returns

You may have seen this before… but the foreign-speaking target of this prank makes it worth revisiting:

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A real money tree

This filmmaker stuck dollar bills to a real tree in Chicago and filmed people’s reactions.

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Ozzy scares people… on purpose.

How does Ozzy Osbourne spend his afternoons? Scaring people at a wax museum, of course. And he’s pretty good at it! **NSFW – Warning: video starts with one bad word and then it’s ok**

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Real Ghostbusters at the NY Public Library

The folks from Improv Everywhere create what happens in my brain every time I walk past the NY Public Library:

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Computer geek freaks out over prank

This dude gets way too upset when his World Of Warcraft password gets changed. Warning – Not safe for work: lots of bad language!“F-ing Blizzard!!!!!!”

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Fake Yo-Yo expert weasels his way on TV

Meet K-Strass. He claims to be a Yo-Yo expert so he can get on local talk shows. The only problem is… he doesn’t know how to Yo-Yo!

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