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This is how we do it

But, this is probably how it shouldn’t be done…

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Metallica hates children

I don’t know what’s less “Rock and Roll”: Kicking balls into the audience or almost killing your child that you brought to watch you kick balls into the audience.

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Angelina from The Jersey Shore has a new rap single

As if Angelina wasn’t hated enough…

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Nirvana mashed up with The Final Countdown

Genius or fail?

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Medely of old cartoon theme songs

How many do you remember?

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Antoine Dodson on the BET Awards

I missed this year’s BET Awards. Too bad, because it was the first ever live performance by Antoine Dodson! (Yeah, he’s an Internet meme out of control, but there’s something very likeable about this guy)

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Insane Clown Posse come out as Christians

F’n magnets… how do they work? Jesus makes them work, that’s how. Well, this explains why their music kind of sucks. Insane Clown Posse have now admited that they’ve secretly been a Christian rock band all along. That noise you … Continue reading

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The greatest metal band of all time

Sorry Goat Whore… This band from Sweeden is so metal that they can’t contain the metal in their bodies and wind up puking it up all over the stage. Either that or they just ate some bad smoked salmon.

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Hurley from lost performs with Weezer!

For a second, I thought this was one of Lost’s parallel universe scenes from season 6. At a secret show this week, Weezer invited Hurley from Lost to perform “Perfect Situation” with them. Seems like that’s the least they could … Continue reading

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Musical beer!

Introducing Tuned Pale Ale from Philadelphia. The label has marks to let you know how much you need to drink in order to make sweet music by blowing over the neck.Warning to jug band members: Emmet Otter was found passed … Continue reading

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