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His tattoo gave him away

This guy’s awesome tattoo led to his arrest after witnesses identified him by the large “EASTSIDE” inked in place of his mustache. According to reports, Anthony Brandon Gonzales, 20, took part in a home invasion of an Elvis impersonator and … Continue reading

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Reporter can’t break car window

A news reporter tries to show how easy it is to bust into a car. Unfortunately, it’s actually much easier to bust your hand open trying to bust into said car.

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16 items they only sell at Wal-Mart in China

#16 – Crocodiles… Click here for the other 15

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Movie makers hate women

Time for a moment of equal opportunity – let’s hand the website over for one post to my feminist sisters out there… This “Well-educated Vagina-American”, brings up a pretty shocking observation about the film industry:

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Teen Werewolves

I’m pretty tolerant of people’s differences… but I’m finding it hard not to want to stuff these kids in a locker.

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Jesse James cries tonight on 20/20

How can you tell that Jesse James isn’t sorry and doesn’t give a crap about Sandra Bullock? The fact that he keeps dwelling on how he screwed up HIS life (uh, not hers?) oh yeah, and the fake tears. Tune … Continue reading

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Oil reaches Louisiana…

It’s easy to go about your day and forget that oil is STILL spewing into the Gulf at an alarming rate. It’s pretty f’d up… click this link to check out some photos that show what’s sure to become MUCH … Continue reading

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Chris Klein mockes his own stupidity

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the horrible Mamma Mia audition tape made by Chris Klein that’s been making its way around the internets. Well, Kudos to Chris for embracing his embarrassment, and running to Funny Or Die to create … Continue reading

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Lost: The End

Well, what did you think about the Lost finale? Facebook comments right after the show ranged from “Awesome” to “Rip-off!” It shouldn’t be a surprise that a show that’s kept everyone guessing would continue to make you scratch your head … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Lost!

In honor of the final episode of Lost this Sunday, we’ve dedicated all of today’s updates to the show. If you’re a fan, you’ll enjoy the following posts… if not, be happy that it’ll all be over this Sunday! Got … Continue reading

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